AndesDrip Plastic Industry Ltda. was born in the year 1999 as a result of the union of the company of enginieering Servicios Asociados A.M Ltda. with the purpose of replacing the imports that company carried out mainly in equipment of irrigation by dripping.
That year AndesDrip Ltda. initiated the manufacture of lines of irrigation with integrated droppers and interline droppers.
In the Year 2000, the manufacture of pipes of irrigation with punctured droppers and films for conservatories began.
In the Year 2001, we got up the manufacture of pipes corrugated for flowed drainage and conduction of to low pressure.
In the Year 2002, the factory was moved to the present facilities, in a land of 20.000 m2.
In the Year 2003, the own injection of drippers began, with the technical collaboration of the Spanish company TwinDrops.
In the Year 2004, the production of pipes of PVC in small diameters began.
In the Year 2005, a contiguous land was acquired, reaching a the surface of near the 40.000 m2.
In the Year 2006, a line for the production of HDPE pipe was settled, up 280 mm of diameter and one second line was bought to produce corrugated pipes.
In the Year 2007, began the production of one second line for pipes of rigid PVC up 110 mm of diammeter.
Historia de la empresa