Tuberias HDPE

The strict control of quality, as much in the selection of raw materials like manufacture processes, assures that the pipes HDPE made by AndesDrip Ltda. excees the rigorous requeriments of the industry, as much for uses in extreme enviromental conditions as they are the leaching tasks in the mining of copper, as well as the conditions of own sanitary inocuidad of the potable water condution for human consumption. His low weigth in front of other materials like concrete, iron or steel, their easy transport and installation, their flexibility and discharge resistance to the impact as well as it's resistence to the chemical and abrasive agents, assures that selections of pipes HDPE made by AndesDrip Ltda. will facilitated the success of your project.


In the classic aplications we have the mining industry, agriculture, fishing industry and acuiculture, the sanitary sector, the chemical industry and other industries.
Dimension of the pipes, Norm ISO 4427, PE 100
Table of technical characteristics of the raw material
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